26.01.2003, budapest

punk's dead

punk's dead

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Well, Im my dearest opinion, the punk scene of today is complete trash and the funny thing is...I'm only 15. Not only do mainstream "punk bands" invade the youth's heads...but so does really bad underground punk of today, known only as "streetpunk". Streetpunk is just another term to explain the music known as "Oi!" to this generation. One major record company known as Punkcore Records signs to only the most extreme and hardcore bands of this generation.The funny thing is that the music these bands make sounds EXACTLY THE SAME, they all yell, they all wear uniforms (the usually colored mohawks , combat boots , expensive punk pants , band t-shirts , leather jackets, which is a big bad influenence to the youth of today). In my dearest opinion the only reason these bands get so huge in popularity is casue "they give the kids something to look at and eventually imitate". As long as these bands llok like idiots with all these expensive ass clothes on...the kids want to sink their teeth into some bad credit with these bands. These streetpunk bands do have good personalities as human beings, don't get me wrong the people in the bands which are like in their 30's are good guys who just wanna plya music...but the kids that listen to these bands get the wrong impression. So in a nut shell, it was always the kids who think they have found the punk scene again..but really...they're just killing it even more. Hell they're pissing on its grave.


Punk Not dead..... It never Will Be it Just Keeps Changeing Whats Next Fucking Punk Pop Punk Is like Here Because Pop Sucks And This yrs punk Sucks :( But Ow Well I Guess everyone Has opinions But I Think Mine Is Right There For I Rock hahahah xxxxxx Love Danni


PUNX NOT DEAD! it's just some ov the people in it....to truly say punk it dead, you gotta live in the true era....so whut have we learned today? PUNX NOT DEAD!! and for those of you who say punx dead, why? are you even punk? have you truly experienced punk for urself? LONG LIVE PUNK!


I wouldn't say that Punk's dead as far as the attitudes and theories behind it (DIY, et cetera), but as far as being a newsworthy uniting movement, it's pretty much kicked the bucket. The fact of the matter is that as time went on Punk split up into so many factions, each one yelling 'Poser!' at the other- essentially making Punk undefined. Some might say that being undefinable is what Punk is supposed to be about, but if people start going around defining subcultures by the fact that they can't be defined, then by default, _everyone_ would be Punks. The girl that walks into Abercrombie without any cares about what all the skaters think about her would be Punk, for instance. As long as there are still those who silk screen their own shirts and stud collars that were'nt manufactured to human use, there will still be Punk. But face it, it won't ever be the in-your-face revolution it was thirty years ago. Let's just say that Punk's retired, and has moved on from a full time job to smaller personal projects.
April, age 17


yea sure it's not dead=)))...it is alive as the ramones are no?...oh please don't say greeen day are punk?=)))=)))rofl


PUNK IS dead


just kidding


you re mum is


I'm in a punk band... We try really hard to keep that classic punk sound. But really all we're doing is trying to pretend a corpse still breathes. At least I have fun. And it's kinda fun being the only chick in a all boy punk band.


punk is dead


punks dead and not a moment to soon. Its a surprise that crap lasted as long as it did.