06.11.2004, budapest

buyers' club

buyers' club

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egyik éjjel láttuk mi is ezt


az én kocsim :))) picsaba :)


mintha a Jókai utcában szokott volna állni vmi kávézó előtt


azaz, ott.


I don't understand hungarian, so I don't know what is all the discussion about in the comment section, but this photo of yours reminds me of an episode happened years ago to my father. He was walking in the city where he lived (Turin, Italy) when a big car stopped on the walkway blocking the passage (like the one in your photo). He waited a bit and then complained to the driver because he wanted to pass and the car wasn't moving away. The driver answered that she didn't care because she was the mayor of the city and she could stay there as long as she wanted (she was indeed the mayor of the city, fortunately for not too long). The moral is that some people just because they have big car or big power thinks they are better than the others, and that is very sad.


Well, I've been chased by a crazy cardriver in Budapest because he did the same as the lady in your story, blocking the bikeroad with his car, and after almost crashing I showed my middle finger for him. He was fucking chasing me on the pedestrian walk, I couldn't get away with my bike, he finally forced me to stop and jumped out of the car, you can imagine, this steroid-eater kind, starting to beat me, when some other cars stopped and helped me out. Welcome to Budapest...


Hi! Imádom a fotóid hangulatát, ezeket nézegetve ráébredek arra, hogy mennyi apró szépséget rejteget az életünk. Egyébként ismerem a Hummer tulajdonosát: Fülesnek hívják, egy pitiáner bűnöző. Aki látja ezt a kocsit köpje le! Üdv: Márk